How to Make Hammock Straps out Of Paracord (Complete Guide)

Paracords are popular and are quite used for different things. Among the usefulness of a paracord comes how it can be used to make hammock straps. A paracord comes in form of a rope, but a bit stronger than some other ropes you have been known to.

The question most people are concerned with is knowing how to make a hammock strap using paracord, and probably, how it can be used. Therefore, you can keep reading to find out more information about using a paracord in hanging a hammock.



How to Make Hammock Straps out Of Paracord

When making a hammock strap from a paracord, it is important to consider using a strong and durable paracord, 550 or 650 cord will be fine. It must be a reliable and strong product. There are several paracord makers which you can purchase good paracord from.

Therefore, the steps taken to make hammock straps out of paracord are as follows:

  • Get your paracord ready
  • Tie a regular old fashion knot
  • Tie Extra Knots
  • Considering weight factor when using a Paracord
  • Setting up your paracord across a tree

Step 1: Get Your Paracord Ready

The first step is, to consider having your paracord ready, for this article, I will be using a 19ft/5.7m paracord. Remember, your paracord must be strong, rigid, and reliable, it must be strong so that it can be able to withstand the weight in the hammock.

Step 1: Get Your Paracord Ready
Step 1: Get Your Paracord Ready

Also, when you cut your paracord, you must ensure to burn both ends of your paracord, so they don’t fray, as is in the image below. Then take both ends of your paracord and put them together.

Step 1: Get Your Paracord Ready
Getting Your Paracord Ready

Step 2: Tie a Regular Old Fashion Knot

Once you have the paracord ready, you can consider tying an old fashion knot. Nothing big, and nothing difficult, just as it is in the picture below:

Step 2: Tie a Regular Old Fashion Knot
Step 2: Tie a Regular Old Fashion Knot

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Step 3: Tie Extra Knots

In this step, you will be tying extra knots. How do you measure the length, before tying a new knot? You will have to consider using your foot as a measurement. You can put as many knots as possible to the rope.

It does not have to be perfect, you just have to ensure things are done appropriately. The number of knots for a paracord depends on the length of the paracord, longer paracord will take a higher number of knots, compared to a shorter paracord.

Step 3: Tie Extra Knots
Step 3: Tie Extra Knots

Ensure to have a loop at the beginning of the paracord, just like this, the loop will be used later.

Step 3: Tie Extra Knots
Step 3: Tie Extra Knots

The more extra knots you add to a paracord, also, affects the size of the paracord.

Step 4: Considering Weight Factor when Using a Paracord

In some circumstances, you will have to double your paracord, most especially dealing with heavy-weight people. Doubling the weight will help to make the paracord look stronger.

For Example, I weigh about 155lbs/70306.8g, and I am literally comfortable with one paracord. Therefore, paracords are good considerations. However, sometimes, you get to experience your paracord in stretching, this is based, on the amount of weight it consistently carries.

Step 5: Setting up Your Paracord Across a Tree

I will be showing you how you can easily set up your paracord around a tree. Pick the paracord and put it around the tree, using the loop at the beginning, and pass the other end of the paracord inside the loop.

Step 5: Setting up Your Paracord Across a Tree
The image above shows you how it will be on the tree.

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Can I Use a Paracord to Hang a Hammock?

Paracords are good agents for hanging a hammock, if you don’t have tree straps, then, you can consider using a paracord. Paracords are rope in nature and are a good option to consider while hanging your hammock on a tree if literally, there are no tree straps.

Yes, Paracpords can be used to hang a Hammock, it is also considered a good option.

However, when using a paracord, it is important to consider using a reliable and strong paracord, because, a paracord can get slacked at some stage of its usage. Also, you must ensure to consider the weight intended to use the paracord, if you are weighty, then, you have to consider doubling and tripling the paracord, it all depends on the magnitude of your size.

How Much Weight Can a Paracord Hold?

Paracords are pretty useful and can be helpful when there are no tree straps, Paracords can hold weight up to 1100lb, however, when considering this, it is important to double your hammock since a single hammock might be a wrong practice.

A Weight higher than 250lb must consider doubling the paracord. Single paracords can easily get slacked, in that case, must ensure to keep track of the weight in pounds that intend to use the hammock, hunged using paracord.

How Much Weight Can 1100 Paracord Hold?

An 1100 paracord is a specific type of paracord that is meant to carry heavy-weight people, it is very strong, and reliable, and therefore, can carry more than one heave-weigh person in the same hammock,

An 1100 hammock holds 1100 pounds, that is just the straight answer needed to know how much an 1100 hammock can hold.

What Is the Strongest Paracord?

Currently, the strongest paracord is the 1100 paracord, which can take up to 1100 pounds, literally, there also exist other hammocks, which are 550, 750, and 1100 which are also strong, but the strongest is the 1100 paracord.




Paracords are a good option to consider when hanging your hammock, a good paracord must be strong and reliable, there are several nice paracords available online.

In this article, I have been able to answer the question of how you can easily make hammock straps out of paracords.