How to Store Gear when Hammock Camping (2 Methods)

When it comes to camping, storing your gear is essential. Over the years, I have been exposed to several ways gear can be stored when camping. 

Many people suck when it comes to knowing how gear can be stored. As a consistent user of hammocks, it is crucial to know how to store gear and pack, probably at night, or during rest times, as the case may be.

In this article, I will show you the diverse ways to store gear when hammock camping.

I mentioned that gear can be stored in a variety of ways; each method will be examined in turn.

  1. Storing gear at tree side
  2. Keeping them at the hammock ridgeline

Method 1: Storing Gear at Tree Side

This is one way you can store gear while hammock camping. This method requires you to hang your pack at the tree’s sides using a stick and paracord.

  • Step 1: Get a stick of this shape and cut style

Remember, a stick and paracord will be necessary for this. As a result, you must use a knife or other sharp object when creating this kind of stick shape. Take note of that pushed-out edge at the side.

Step 1: Get a stick of this shape and cut style

  • Step 2: Tie the Stick with a tree using a rope, i.e. paracord

Paracord will be considered a good option for this. Therefore, you should consider using the paracord to attach the stick to the tree just as it is in the picture below:

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Step 2: Tie the Stick with a tree using a rope, i.e. paracord
Step 2: Tie the Stick with a tree using a rope, i.e. paracord

Consider placing the pushout edge forward.

  • Step 3: Hang your gear, and you are good to go

By now, you should have the stick tied to a tree using the paracord. Note: it could be any tree

Step 3: Hang your gear, and you are good to go

If there is any chance of rain, then use the rain cover to cover the bag.



Method 2: Using Hammock ridgeline

This is the second way you can store gear when hammock camping. This method implies the use of a carabiner. Later on in this section, you will figure out how the carabiner can be used to store your gear.

The steps are as follows:

  • Step 1: Fasten a carabiner to the pack’s loop.

One way I prefer doing this is using a carabiner. There could be other substitutes for this, but I tend to feel more comfortable using a carabiner.

Step 1: Fasten a carabiner to the pack's loop.

  • Step 2: Attach your carabiner to the continuous loop

Once you have the carabiner attached to your gear, the next course of action is to consider attaching it to the continuous loop in the hammock.

Step 2: Attach your carabiner to the continuous loop

You may also want to consider adding it to the ridgeline, 

Step 2: Attach your carabiner to the continuous loop

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Do with Your Backpack when Hammock Camping?

Backpacks are not just kept in a random position while hammock camping. It is important to consider adhering to best practices that will not only help in protecting your gear and pack but also help in protecting them during rainfall.

When it comes to knowing what to do with your backpack while hammock camping, there are several practices that I have considered fine. You can make reference to the sections above to know what has been written about storing your backpack.

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How Do You Stay Dry While Camping in A Hammock?

One of the best ways to stay dry while camping in a hammock is to consider using a tarp or probably purchasing a waterproof, one that will protect you from water. 

Some other people often consider using a tent rainfly, this can also be regarded as a good option to keep yourself dry as always. As for your pack, you can consider using the bag cover to cover, it to prevent it from getting wet. Can a Hammock Get Wet?

Can You Sleep Overnight in A Hammock?

If you have ever wished to sleep on a hammock overnight instead of your usual bed, then that is a good idea. 

A hammock can be considered the best option for most people, especially for certain categories of people, undoubtedly. Undoubtedly, using a hammock to sleep often helps to heal several back and neck pains. Also, if you are the type that often finds it difficult to sleep at night, the best option you may wish to consider is using a hammock, since it can help to initiate the sleep mode at night. Reasons to Start Using a Hammock as Your Bed

Things to consider before hamming a hammock

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How Do I Stop My Hammock From Flipping In The Wind?




In summary,

It is essential to consider hanging your hammock in the appropriate place. Knowing how this can be done has been one of the most common questions often asked by campers.

Therefore, in this article, I have disclosed the two possible ways you can effectively and efficiently store your gear and pack while camping.

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