Jobs You Can Do without A Work Permit in Canada

Have you ever considered the possibility of finding employment in Canada without a work permit? Typically, a work permit is required for most jobs in Canada. However, there are some exceptions. 


In this article, I will highlight some of the most common jobs in Canada that do not require a work permit, which can be beneficial for international citizens who wish to work in Canada without undergoing the difficulties of obtaining a work permit.


What jobs you can do without a work permit in Canada?

The following section lists some popular jobs in Canada that do not require a work permit. Choosing a specific job in this form is based on your current skills and abilities. Typically, not all jobs without a work permit can be relevant to you.


Here are some jobs in Canada that do not require a work permit:


  1. Sport Officials

It is no doubt, that sports officials do not need to have a work permit before being allowed to work in Canada. Most sports personnel who possess highly exceptional skill(s) as related to the specific sports in context are given the sponsorship and permission to work in Canada, and in the end, they get paid.


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However, you will be required of a work permit if you voluntarily wish to work in Canada as a sports official on no formal agreement.

  1. Events planning and Decoration

As more events are organized, the need to make more sophisticated planning and decorations becomes the order of the day. If you are exceptional in your planning and decoration dexterity, you stand the chance of being hired by companies interested in your services. 


In jobs like this, you do not need a work permit, since everything has been covered by the Employer. A fundamental in getting this kind of work relies on your level of professionalism and expertise in the work.


  1. Athletes

There is a high possibility of working in Canada even without a work permit as an Athlete. Indeed, athletes do travel consistently, mostly on a seasonal level. If you are an athlete and exceptionally possess a skill related, you have a high chance to work in Canada without obtaining a work permit.


In cases where the work is not based on formal arrangements, then, such athletes will have to obtain a work permit while considering working in Canada.


  1. Army/Special Forces

This is not restricted to Army only, which brought about the “/Special Forces”. It is quite common to get a job in Army or any other special forces in Canada. The services of an Army or Special Forces are often required in emergencies and crises. 


Therefore, if you currently work in Army or related, you have better chances to work in Canada and get paid, even without having a work permit.

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  1. Public Speaker

Public speaking varies, this could be conference holdings, shows, technical talks, and so on. You know which categories you fall under better. Public Speakers have a great chance to work in Canada even without obtaining a work permit. 


A good opportunity is for those who are highly intelligent in specific areas of life, such as Politics, Medicine, Education, etc.


  1. Clergies

Being a clergy offers you a great opportunity to work in Canada even without a work permit. Jobs like this do not happen on regular basis, but rather occur at specific times. Just like other jobs, getting to work as a clergy in Canada without a work permit is dependent on the popularity you have.


Clergies who are popular have a better chance to work in Canada, than others who are less popular.


  1. Emergency Providers

Emergency Providers are also listed among the common jobs in Canada that don’t require a work permit. Today, there are several emergency providers available. However, it all depends on the specific area of application.


Typical examples of emergency providers are medical doctors, surgeons, and so on. If you happen to be in any of these careers, you have a better chance of working in Canada, without a work permit.


Keynote: Working in Canada without A Work Permit


Getting a job in Canada without a work permit is entirely possible. However, getting these types of work depends largely on the services you intend to offer. Most jobs that do not require a work permit are entirely short-term work, meaning, the duration of the work only last while the service is ongoing. 

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Once the primary job is completed, you will have to leave the country. 


How Much Can I Get from Work that Does Require a Work Permit in Canada?

Knowing how much you can get from jobs that don’t require a work permit in Canada, depends largely on the specific industry you are up to, as well as the specific location of the work. As a result of that, it is important to consider researching to be acquainted with the specific pay associated.


Is Getting a Job without A Work Permit Easy in Canada?


It is difficult to say if getting work without a work permit in Canada is easy, because, it is dependent on the specific industry you are considering. However, getting a job in top industries requires a high level of popularity, expertise, and professionalism and may be easy on some occasions.



Getting a job in Canada without a work permit is entirely possible. In this article, I have identified some of the popular industries that allow internationals to work, even without having a work permit. The amount to receive depends mainly on the specific job opportunity you are considering, while some will pay a high amount, others pay less, it all depends on the particular industry.